Nicki Minaj has been teasing fans for months about her new relationship. The rapper has been posting images of herself and fellow music artist Nas since May 2017 and even though she has remained tight-lipped about her feelings towards Nas, fans are hoping that they are an item.

Rumors are circulating about the couple

According to XXL Magazine, rumors about Nicki Minaj and her romantic relationship with rapper Nasare are definitely spreading. There has been speculation that the couple began seeing each other in May of 2017. However, neither of them has confirmed that they are actually serious about one another.

When Nicki Minaj appeared on Ellen in 2017, she was asked about her relationship with her fellow rapper. Minaj admitted that she and Nas had shared a few sleepovers but said that for the remainder of 2017 she wanted to stay away from men. Nevertheless, the celebrity cheekily added that she might have to make an exception for Nas.

In a report by Hip Hop Dx, a source close to Minaj has revealed that Nicki is not the type of person to sleep around. They claim that the rapper is taking her relationship with Nas very slowly and that they are still getting to know one another.

Fans are convinced that the couple are an item

According to Hip Hop DX, fans of Minaj started spreading these dating rumors after seeing several photographs of the couple appearing online.

It helps that the couple has shared photographs of the two of them for several months now, including a photograph of them at Nas' birthday party.

Nicki Minaj split with her previous boyfriend in January and started hanging out with Queen's rapper Nas in May of this year, 2017. While their relationship appears to have started out platonic it seems to have developed into something more.

The couple also shared images of them going out to dinner together and hanging out with friends. Nicki Minaj remains a little bit coy about the nature of her relationship with Nas but judging by the level of intimacy in her posts it appears that the couple is very much together.

According to XXL, the couple has been indeed spending a lot of time together and recently a video of the couple kissing surfaced online.

The video was recorded at Nas' birthday celebrations and shows the couple being quite intimate with one another. This video was leaked online and fans have been going wild.

Neither Nicki Minaj nor Nas has made an official statement about their relationship and fans are desperately waiting to hear more about the potential celebrity couple.