A music genius like Eminem can definitely write songs for anyone and anything. This year, aside from an upcoming new album, the rapper produced the film “Bodied." When the rap movie is ready for distribution, expect that Eminem will have a major contribution to its soundtrack and even better - Dr. Dre is on board.

The latest news about Eminem and his new album

There is so much anticipation for Eminem’s new album. So far, we learned that he is working on something big with the help of 2 Chainz and Pink. There were also some rumors that Marshall Mathers and Dr.

Dre are collaborating once again on this matter. Allan Hughes, director of “The Defiant Ones”, confirmed the news.

The film “Bodied” is directed by Joseph Kahn. He previously directed music videos that starred Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Nicole Scherzinger, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Usher, U2, Aerosmith, Enrique Iglesias and more. The film premiered at this year’s Toronto Film Festival and critical acclaim followed. It stars Calum Worthy as the main character, Adam, with battle rappers of different backgrounds (Loaded Lux, Dumbfounded, and Dizazter), successfully addressing the major issues of today’s time: racism.

According to writer Eric Kohn of IndieWire: “’Bodied’ is pure zany fun disguised as a pure provocation, and sometimes vice versa, mainly because any attempt to characterize its narrative as problematic proves its point.

As each verbal sparring session makes clear, hip-hop provides a release for a generation repressed by the limitations of a tight-lipped society.”

Em even opens his new merchandise line

Eminem previously worked in the 2002 film, “8 Mile” in which he contributed his acting skills and Jimmy Iovine was one of the producers. “8 Mile” was inspired by Marshall Mathers’ early life and underground rap battles.

While the 2002 film focused on the drama with a hint of comedy, “Bodied” did the same with a narrative that fits with the current battle rap scene.

So far, more than 1000 people have already seen the 2-hour movie but there’s no confirmation yet on when the film will be in public theaters. The “Mockingbird” rapper also opened his new merch line, “Camp Shady”.

He announced it on Instagram in early August. The limited release items were sold out so if you want one you will have to wait until ShadyRecords releases another set of merchandise.

Eminem’s new album is expected to arrive before the year ends. It will follow the success of his 2013 solo album, “The Marshall Mathers LP 2”, which featured the appearances of Nate Ruess and Kendrick Lamar.