Pedro Pascal will be returning as Javier Peña when “Narcos” returns for season 3. However, his partner in hunting down drug lords, actor Boyd Holbrook, who portrayed the role of Steve Murphy, confirmed his absence on the upcoming season.

The production for the third installment of the crime web drama series is currently ongoing but fans will reportedly see cast changes as new characters are set to appear in the series while Holbrook bids farewell to his character. The 35-year-old actor reportedly confirmed his exit as his role is reportedly done.

No more “Narcos” narrator

According to history, Steve Murphy left Colombia after catching and killing off Pablo Escobar. This fact led to the fan question: Will Boyd Holbrook reprise his role as Steve Murphy for “Narcos” season 3?

Aside from starring as Steve Murphy, Holbrook also narrated the last two seasons of the Netflix crime series. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in September 2016, Holbrook set possibilities of returning back to the series.

“We’re still working it out. Steve didn’t retire from the DEA until, I believe, two years ago. He was very active in the DEA for a long time so I’ll leave that up to you to find out,” the actor said.

However, when Holbrook had been tapped to play a role in “Logan,” he changed his statement and confirmed he is out from the “Narcos” series.

He said that the “Narcos” casts and staff are already shooting some scenes while he is busy on his movie, confirming he is not involved on the new season.

Will “Narcos” feature “El Chapo”?

“Narcos” season 1 and 2 talked about the life and hunting down of the Medellin cartel drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar. In the second season, Escobar (Wagner Moura) was killed in a shootout with the Colombian police team led by Steve Murphy.

However, reports claimed that the production team will tell a story using Pedro Pascal’s Javier Peña and other new characters in hunting down Cali cartel.

Michael Stahl-David and Matt Whelan have joined the series as regular cast members. They will reportedly play the roles of DEA agents who will work side by side with Peña.

Meanwhile, “Narcos” season 3 will reportedly also feature Mexican drug involvement by featuring the famous drug lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. This has been teased by the production staff in the series’ official social media account.

“Narcos” season 3 is slated for an August or September release this year.