A Miss Universe hopeful in Spain suffered an embarrassing plunge into a Swimming Pool while she was walking during one of the pageant events, Daily Mail Online reported. The candidate took it seriously and was frustrated after recovering from the incident.

Pilar Magro, a contestant in Miss Universe Spain, was glamorously strutting beside a swimming pool when she tripped. She was part of a local pageant that sends Spain’s representatives to the Miss Universe pageant.

In the video shared online, Magro was wearing a black sleeveless dress as she walked with the other candidates lined up during a presentation event.

Her footwork was just a few inches away from the pool.

When she attempted to make a twirl, she tripped and landed into the water, destroying her entire catwalk performance. Magro represented the Spanish province of Caceres, the report added.

Loss of composure

Smiles were turned into tears when the incident happened. The video showed the other candidates screaming during the moment this contestant fell down. There was a lifeguard who tried to run toward the scene to save the beauty queen but he was too late.

The clip zoomed into her, already into the swimming pool. The lifeguard helped her recover and climb herself back to the poolside.

Magro placed both of her hands over her face as her fellow candidates consoled her.

She was seen in the video disappointed of her performance.

In the end, she just took the moment to get back into the swimming pool in her dress and dip. Her fellow contestants applauded her.

Embarrassing moments

Magro did not win the pageant but her attitude after the incident will certainly be remembered. Sofia del Prado was declared the winner of the local pageant and she is slated to represent her country in the upcoming Miss Universe competition.

This was not the only event when a contestant accidentally slipped while doing her catwalk. During Miss Universe 1999, Philippines’ representative Miriam Quiambao suffered a fall in her evening gown but quickly stood up and smiled.

Furthermore, two Miss USA candidates also suffered a fall in two consecutive international pageants.

The 2007 and 2008 editions of Miss Universe had Rachel Smith and Crystle Stewart also falling down the stage, as they were in their evening gowns during the finals night. The two quickly recovered and Smith even made it through the Top Five.

The two quickly recovered as well and Smith even made it through the Top Five during the event held in Mexico. Despite negative reactions from the Mexican crowd, she finished as one of the runners-up.