Tamra Judge is dealing with quite a bit of drama on this season of "The Real Housewives of Orange County." Tamra has revealed that she's not happy about the way her co-stars are supposedly spreading rumors about her husband being gay. While she's not threatened by the rumors as she knows he's straight, she isn't happy about how the other ladies are gay-bashing and making homophobic comments on a national television show. She has tried to distance herself from her "The Real Housewives of Orange County" co-stars, who claim they have done nothing wrong.

But Tamra is now being slammed for her friendship with shannon beador. It isn't so much that they are friends, but more the fact that she isn't coming to Beador's side when she needs help.

During last week's episode, Shannon rushed to Tamra Judge's side when she was talking to vicki gunvalson. She thought that they had a great friendship and she wanted to protect her friend. But when Beador was in hot water with Lydia McLaughlin over something that Judge could have easily squashed, she didn't help out Shannon. According to a new report, Tamra Judge is now being labeled a bad friend and viewers don't understand why Beador would want to be friends with her.

Was Vicki Gunvalson right?

Maybe viewers are starting to see Vicki Gunvalson's perspective.

She has hinted that Tamra is only friends with people when it serves her. Of course, Gunvalson feels replaced by her former friend, as they used to be close. The Brooks Ayers cancer scandal definitely divided the two, but Tamra forgave her and decided to give their friendship another chance. However, she quickly realized that Vicki was still gossiping and Tamra was furious with her.

The two have been around one another, but they aren't really getting along.

During Monday's episode, Shannon quickly stood behind Tamra as Vicki tried to talk to Tamra. However, when Shannon was left alone with Lydia McLaughlin after a misunderstood leg-grab, Tamra didn't see the need to come to Shannon's defense.

'RHOC' viewers are drawing conclusions

It sounds like "The Real Housewives of Orange County" viewers are drawing their own conclusions. Was Vicki right about Tamra only doing things to serve herself or was this truly a situation where Judge felt that Shannon could handle it on her own? Beador has expressed disappointment in Tamra, but she did apologize.

What do you think about Tamra Judge's behavior? Do you understand why people are questioning her as a friend?