Transgender Anita Green was one of the official candidates in the Miss Montana 2018 pageant which was held on September 10, the pageant’s official website said. Though she did not win the crown, she was able to make history as the first transgender contestant to compete in the state pageant.

The winner of the recently held Miss Montana competition will have a chance to vie for the Miss USA 2018 pageant, Pink News reported. The 26-year-old Green competed alongside 19 other candidates on stage that day.

Despite the results, representing the transgender community in a competition that was dominated by natural-born women was a huge honor for her.

Her profile in the official website of the pageant said that she hopes to inspire the members of her community to pursue their dreams.

She graduated with a degree in Sociology from the University of Montana. Her studies placed an emphasis on the field of Social Justice, with minor degrees in Communications. The state pageant’s website also noted that she became the first openly transgender person to be chosen as a national representative to a nominating convention during the elections.

Positive role model

When she was a delegate for the vote, she chose Bernie Sanders who also ran during the 2016 presidential elections, Pink News said. She was the member of the Missoula County Democrats executive board.

When the incumbent United States President Donald Trump was declared the winner, Green said that she needed to step up her game. This was one of the reasons why she decided to compete in their state pageant, her interview with Mic Network indicated. She said she wanted to become a “positive role model” in her community, and “instill a sense of hope” within them while spreading the good news.

During the competition, she told Mic Network how she envisioned herself as Sandra Bullock in the movie “Miss Congeniality.” She added that she is not the type of person who wears a lot of makeup and styles her hair every day.

Amid all the natural-born ladies in the state pageant, she noted how girls were very accepting of her orientation.

Green added that the society needs positive role models and inspiring stories that will speak for their community.

Miss Montana 2018

Internationally-acclaimed YouTube sensation Dani Walker was crowned Miss Montana 2018 on Sunday. Pageants News said that Walker has more than a decade of experience in pageantry, including the moment she represented the United States during the Miss Earth 2005 competition.

She is currently the creator and host of video channel “Pageant Access.” It provided visual content about beauty, fashion and competition reviews. She is set to compete in the 2018 edition of the Miss USA pageant.