Hideo Kojima’s “Metal Gear Solid” series has always featured several elements that make it the game it is. Fans have pointed out that the enigmatic plots, a cast of unique and memorable characters, futuristic tech, and more as the series’ signature content. All of these would obviously take a lot of skill and effort to correctly translate everything over to the silver screen, but it seems that Jordan Vogt-Roberts is ready for the task. Vogt-Roberts was officially confirmed as the director for the recently confirmed film-adaptation of the award-winning video game.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts will be careful with ‘Metal Gear Solid’

Let’s admit that most of the film-adaptations of popular video games have mostly strayed far from the source material. However, Jordan Vogt-Roberts reportedly assured fans that he plans to stay as close as possible to Hideo Kojima’s vision. According to the director, the “Metal Gear Solid” movie will be handled with the utmost care. Even though Kojima has already parted ways with Konami, Vogt-Roberts admits that he has fostered a close friendship with him, as reported by EuroGamer. The former even declared that “I will be making this movie to interpret and service the world that Kojima made.”

Getting writer who understands the game

To further keep the movie as faithful to the original source material, the team has revealed their plans to hire a new writer.

It was noted that the plots featured in the games were “probably the most complicated property on the planet.” Therefore the producers require a group of individuals who can translate everything into an interesting script. In order to accomplish their goals, the team needs to hire a new writer that is capable of the presumably difficult task.

Keeping everything intact

Like other Japanese source materials that were transformed into Hollywood movies, fans are concerned that some of the game’s unique quirks, humor, and mature themes might be omitted. However, the director has confirmed that he plans to include all of these in the film. His most recent film, “Kong: Skull Island”, was an apparent success.

Therefore, it has supposedly rewarded him with more creative freedom on how he chooses to approach the movie’s production. It seems that the director wants the big-screen adaptation to please longtime fans of the tactical espionage series.

The plot and the cast

Being in the early stages of production, Jordan Vogt-Roberts has not confirmed anything related to the plot. The director claims that the “Metal Gear Solid” movie is “not a direct adaptation of any particular game.” He also added that their plans would be considered as “very Kojima in its approach”. Furthermore, at its current state, the film’s cast has yet to be announced. Based on the director’s comments, it does appear like the movie will be in good hands.