The feud between former "Drake and Josh" co-stars, Drake Bell and Josh Peck, appears to be over as the pair recently made up. The actors got into a fight earlier this year when Drake Bell was not invited to Peck's wedding. Fans were outraged by this decision and immediately took to the internet to defend Drake Bell in the situation. However, the pair recently made up at the MTV music awards.

Bell was not invited to Josh Peck's wedding

According to E! News, the drama between the pair first began back in June 2017 when Josh Peck did not invite his former "Drake and Josh" co-star to his wedding.

Bell acted on through social media and shocked fans with the announcement that the pair were no longer friends. Drake released a series of tweets that were directed at Peck claiming that he was shocked and saddened that he was not invited to the wedding.

Drake stated that it was clear that they were not friends anymore and exclaimed both his disbelief and outrage at not being invited. In a report by Bustle, Drake stated that Josh has broken the loyalty between the pair and that it was clear whom Peck considered family. Bell had since deleted the tweets and claims that he made the wrong decision in tweeting out when he was angry with his friend.

The former "Drake and Josh" actor had admitted that it was not his finest moment but that he was initially hurt when he had to find out about Josh's wedding through seeing pictures of it online.

The actor stated that the whole ordeal could have been avoided if Peck had reached out and explained the situation to him.

The pair have since made up and fans are relieved

According to New York Daily News, actors Drake Bell and Josh Peck have made up and put their differences aside. Their reunion took place on the 27 of August at the MTV Music Awards.

Josh Peck had someone film him as he went up to his former co-star and greeted him with a hug. Josh later shared an image of the pair hugging through his social media as proof that they had made up and put their past behind them.

However, it is clear that Drake Bell is not willing to own up to his part in the momentary feud as he stated that the whole ordeal was not his fault.

He has asked fans to be nicer to Josh Peck online as the actor has been receiving a lot of hate recently from fans who feel as if he betrayed Bell by not inviting him to his wedding.

The two even went as far as to make a joke about the entire ordeal as Drake declares that his co-star's wedding would have sucked anyway in which Peck tells him off. Fans are delighted that the comedy duo is back on good terms and are relieved that the fight between them has been resolved.

Josh Peck has expressed his love and respect for his fellow co-star by uploading a further video of the pair up to their usual antics.