Fans of Sony’s video game platforms look forward to the annual event that showcases everything about them. Last year, gamers were treated to several game announcements like “The Last of Us 2”, “Horizon Zero Dawn”, and “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy”. One of these games launched earlier this year and the other will also follow next week. Unfortunately, Naughty Dog’s is still in the early stages of development for us to know about its planned release schedule. Sony was criticized for its lack of major game announcements during the E3 2017 event last June, so Playstation Experience 2017 might just be the venue to rekindle excitement among their fans.

Anaheim to host PlayStation Experience again this year

Just like last year, Sony’s PlayStation Experience 2017 will be hosted by Anaheim, California from December 9-10. Attendees will reportedly get to experience everything the company has to offer related to video games and more. Gamers can expect panels with several developers and also get some hands-on time with the PlayStation VR and PlayStation 4 Pro. The event will also have limited stocks of rare collectibles and memorabilia.

Those who purchase their tickets early earn access to a “special event” on December 8, 2017. They will have the opportunity to meet with several PlayStation personalities and mingle with some developers. Sony has not revealed any details of who will be in attendance during the exclusive gathering.

Capcom Cup 2017 and more

Fighting game fans can also enjoy the final event for Capcom’s Pro Tour 2017 during the PlayStation Experience show. The tournament’s championship matches will be held in one of the venues occupied by Sony. While the main featured game will be “Street Fighter V”, some recently leaked internal documents revealed that “Marvel vs Capcom Infinite” will be involved.

However, given that players need to earn points from sanctioned tournaments, the game might not be included in the main event.

Games that are expected

Several Sony-exclusive titles were a no-show during E3 2017 and fans obviously want to see them soon. A lot of gamers felt that Sony might have held-off some of their major titles for later this year.

The PlayStation Experience 2017 show would be a good venue for the company to reclaim their support. AAA titles like “God of War”, “The Last of Us 2”, and hopefully “Death Stranding”, whose development status was recently confirmed by Mads Mikkelsen.