Meghan Markle has finally opened up about her relationship with her current boyfriend, Prince Harry. The pair has been dating for quite a while now but they have been trying to avoid questions about their relationship. Markle revealed that she and Harry are very much in love and that he is a great support in her life.

Their relationship became public

According to the Guardian, the relationship between actor Meghan Markle and Prince Harry became public after they were only seeing each other for six months. The press had been following the couple for some time after rumors that they were dating emerged.

Meghan Markle has been the subject of a lot of abuse from the press and media.

In a report by Vanity Fair, Prince Harry openly criticized the media for invading Meghan's privacy. The actor was involved in several smear pieces that painted her in a negative light. Meghan was also subject to racist and sexist comments, and Prince Harry stated that he was not okay with the amount of harassment and abuse that she was receiving.

While things between the pair may have become slightly rocky once the world knew they were dating, the couple appears very much in love. Fans have expressed their love and support for the couple online, and Meghan is grateful for their kind words.

The actor admits that they are very happy together

According to Vanity Fair, Meghan Markle has opened up about her relationship with Prince Harry in an interview with their magazine. The actor revealed that she and Harry are very much in love with one another and that they are having a great time. She stated that on her end she finds their relationship incredibly simple, and has admitted that she is wild for Harry.

Meghan also revealed that their relationship has come with its challenges and that there is a huge pressure from the media to present themselves a certain way. The actor has revealed that she is confident that there will come a day when she and Harry reveal stories about their romance, but for now, they are trying to keep their relationship as private as they can.

In a report by The Guardian, Meghan revealed that she is focusing on the positive aspects of being with Prince Harry. She stated that she feels like she is living a great love story and that she is extremely lucky to have found someone like Harry. Markle stated that this part of their lives is just for them and that they are enjoying each other’s company.

It is clear that Meghan Markle thinks very highly of Prince Harry, and fans are delighted for the couple.