Something must be going around in the water at WWE. Less than two weeks after The Miz and Maryse’s pregnancy announcement, another Wrestling couple revealed they are also having a baby. Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett shared via Instagram that they were expecting their first child.

Their love story

Kanellis and Bennett’s love of wrestling is what helped bring the couple together in the first place. They began dating in 2011 when they were working for Ring of Honor. Before their meeting, the couple experienced different career paths in their wrestling journeys.

Maria Kanellis is a former model turned wrestler, who competed in the 2004 WWE Diva Search. Even though she lost, the company hired Maria. A few months after the Diva Search, Maria made her debut on Monday Night Raw. Throughout her six-year tenure with WWE, Maria not only worked as a wrestler, but she also was a backstage interviewer and served as a valet for Santino Marella.

Meanwhile, Mike Bennett was busy wrestling on the indie circuit like so many wrestlers do. During the early stages of his career, he worked for federations such as Top Rope Promotions. But it wasn’t until he joined Ring of Honor that his career took off and he paired with Kanellis.

The new couple was paired together in many wrestling storylines.

Kanellis would accompany him to the ring and helped him win matches. The couple became popular with the crowds and their fan following continued as the couple left Ring of Honor for Impact Wrestling. During their one-year term at Impact Wrestling, Maria continued to be Mike’s valet while also competing in the women’s division.

She would go on to win the Women’s Knockouts Championship, while her husband won the X Division championship.

In early 2017, the couple departed Impact Wrestling. A few months later Maria and Mike signed deals with WWE. Later that summer, they debuted at the PPV Money in the Bank, where they received mixed reactions from the crowd.

A joyous time

The baby news comes as a joyous occasion for the couple. Last month, Kanellis revealed that Bennett had been battling a painkiller addiction. With the support of his wife, Mike Bennett sought treatment for his addictions and is on the road to recovery.

While the pregnancy is good news for the couple, it has left many wondering about their WWE careers. Since their debut, the couple has been off the show, leading to rumors that they were fired. Kanellis shut down the rumors by saying, they'd return to work after the baby’s born. When and if the couple returns to WWE, remains to be seen. But at the moment, the couple is concentrating on welcoming the newest addition to their family.