On Tuesday night's episode of WWE "SmackDown Live," pro-wrestling fans will get to see the debut of one of the newest members of the roster. Over the past few weeks, viewers have seen the popular underdog Sami Zayn in various segments which have also involved Maria and Mike Kanellis. The couple arrived at "SmackDown" and debuted on the last pay-per-view for the brand. They have since been involved in spreading their "message of love." However, Zayn has interrupted them backstage several times, and it has now led to a match.

What's the deal?

Just last week on "SmackDown Live," Maria Kanellis went looking for Sami Zayn backstage and told Chad Gable to let Zayn know she's been looking for him.

Eventually, Zayn found Mike and Maria in a backstage hallway and asked what was up. Maria demanded an apology from Zayn for his previous interruptions over the past several weeks. Zayn was taken aback by the request and said he felt he's apologized several times. He also asked Mike if he even wrestles around there.

Maria eventually got irritated and slapped Zayn in the face. After Sami recovered after the hit, Mike grabbed a nearby vase of flowers and smashed it over Zayn, causing him to hit the floor. With that, it would seem Zayn has plenty of reason to want revenge in the ring. Will he actually get the chance tonight, though?

Match outlook

With The Miz and Maryse on the "Raw" roster, it would seem as if WWE is banking on Mike and Maria as their "It Couple" for "SmackDown Live." While they won't quite be able to match the level that Maryse and Miz have, they will be doing their best to play up the role of the heel couple.

So far their gimmick may not be irritating fans as much as boring them, but that could change based on how tonight's match plays out.

With Mike Kanellis debuting for the first time in a WWE ring, one would have to think he picks up a cheap win of some sort due to interference or Maria distracting Zayn somehow. There's also the possibility that the match is a throwaway as WWE could be planning to extend this into a feud for pay-per-view events.

Zayn can certainly do some great work in the ring and has helped to elevate the profile of up-and-coming stars.

The best guess here is that Mike attacks Zayn before or during the match leading to it being thrown out. That will translate into the two having a bout against one another at this Sunday's WWE "Battleground" PPV, possibly on the "Kickoff Show" or later in the night.

WWE fans, what do you think will happen in Mike Kanellis's debut on "SmackDown" Tuesday night?