Maci Bookout from "Teen Mom OG" barely shares anything about her personal life on social media. Maci has been filming the show for MTV several months now and she's been sharing what she needs to share with the world. Of course, these young mothers do have a personal life they would prefer to keep personal, and it's possible that she doesn't want to share too much out of respect for her kids. But Maci has been criticized for not sharing enough on social media, especially when it comes to her children. On social media, Bookout is often sharing sponsored posts or doing something to make more money.

Perhaps, Maci doesn't want to share more because of what happened this past season on "Teen Mom OG." She was accused by Mackenzie of enabling Ryan Edwards' drug use by talking to a specialist on the show. She also brought it up during the vacation with her "Teen Mom OG" co-stars, where she essentially pleaded for help. She wanted to get some help from her friends, but Ryan's wife was furious with her decision to do so. But this week, Maci decided to share something on social media that's a huge honor for her. According to a new Instagram post, Maci Bookout's book is being featured by Amazon and she could not be more excited.

Big purchase for fans

On Instagram, Maci Bookout revealed that she was very excited about her e-book, which was being featured on the daily deal.

She revealed she was very flattered that Amazon had chosen her book, as it isn't a new book. It has been out for a while, but she's thrilled that they are bringing it back for a feature.

"So exciting. The eBook of my book “I Wasn't Born Bulletproof” is being featured as today's Amazon Daily Deal! This is a HUGE honor, they only choose one book to feature on their homepage every day!

You can click the link to download a copy, I’m ridiculously honored that they did this!" Maci revealed.

Perhaps her fans are more excited about this Instagram post, especially since they have complained about her only doing posts about products fans can buy.

Another baby on the way?

Maci has been making headlines lately over supposedly having baby fever.

On "Teen Mom OG," she revealed that her marriage was struggling because it was tough to raise three children. But perhaps she and Taylor have made it work because she's considering more kids. Four children may be too much if you ask some of her fans.

What do you think about Maci Bookout being honored that Amazon would feature her? Do you think she should have another baby?