Farrah Abraham has revealed that she's very excited about her trip to Italy. Over the past couple of days, she has been soaking up the sun in maxi dresses with her daughter Sophia. All of the pictures she has shared have been of herself with her daughter. Fans were wondering who she was traveling with, as someone was taking pictures of the famous reality star. On a photo she shared yesterday, Abraham revealed that her divorced parents were with her. Fans wondered where Debra's future husband was at and some speculated that they had indeed broken up.

Farrah didn't want to discuss her mother's personal life on social media, but she did share some controversial photos of her daughter.

The "Teem Mom OG" star has shared some troubling photos of her daughter Sophia and fans were shocked. The little girl was walking around Italian cities in her bathing suit. She was also wearing a jean jacket, but fans just saw her little butt cheeks underneath her jacket. Farrah thought it was cute that her daughter was walking around with her tush out, but fans were stunned. According to a new Instagram post, Farrah Abraham's followers are now speaking out after more pictures of Sophia have surfaced.

Unfit parent accusations after Italy

One follower decided to fight back rather aggressively and Farrah is now facing accusations that she's an unfit parent because she's letting her girl walk around like this.

"Get this picture of your daughter off of here! You're an unfit parent! You need to check yourself into a rehab center long term and sign of rights to Derricks parents...so, she can live a normal life!!!" one person wrote to Farrah Abraham, who didn't respond to the accusations.

Farrah doesn't normally write back to people, so it is possible that she doesn't care what people think about her decision to show off her daughter's body parts.

Derek's family

It is interesting that this particular follower suggested that she should sign over the rights to Derek's family. Derek Underwood passed away in a car accident before Sophia was born and she wasn't exactly excited about raising her daughter on her own. Instead, she got the help of her family. Even though Farrah has made an effort to ensure that Sophia has a relationship with Derek's family, they are rarely on "Teen Mom OG." They don't get too much time with her, even though Sophia is indeed Derek's only child.

Do you think Farrah Abraham should delete the photos of Sophia from Italy to avoid any more backlash?