"Fifth Harmony" singer Lauren Jauregui has come forward with claims concerning both her sexuality and the music industry. The singer has revealed that she was advised against revealing her sexual orientation when she first joined the band as a teenager.

The singer revealed the advice she received in her early career

According to Digital Spy, Lauren Jauregui has come forward with claims that she was advised to keep her sexuality to herself in the earlier days of her career. Lauren is a current member of the band "Fifth Harmony" which consists of four strong women.

Lauren has confirmed that her label thought that her fans would not relate to her in the same way if she revealed that she was attracted to women.

In a report by Page Six, the singer regrets taking this advice on board and stated that she should not have to hide her true self from the world. It is clear that her record label was coming from an angle of selling the bands sexuality and that they felt Lauren's own sexual orientation would change these promotional dynamics.

The star has since come forward and revealed that she is bisexual. She has released a song with fellow LGBTQ+ singer Halsey. Speaking about the song, Lauren revealed that it meant a lot to her and that she was glad that she finally had the courage to come out to her fan base.

The star has come forward with a statement

According to Page Six, "Fifth Harmony" member Lauren Jauregui has opened up about her experiences as she was advised not to reveal her sexuality to her fans. Lauren claims that there are several artists who are repressed and advised not to share their sexuality with their fans so that they do not alienate them.

The singer claimed that it came to a point when even her family and friends were advising her to keep her sexuality hidden. Lauren stated that she did not understand why people were telling her to be someone who she was not. She explained that in this day and age she could not comprehend why people still have problems with her being with her girlfriend.

In a report by Digital Spy, Lauren Jauregui has stated that she also regrets coming out as bisexual. She explained that she does not like the fact that she confined herself to one label. She expressed that she is a free spirit and that she does not want to be thought of as simply bisexual.

Fans have taken to social media to express their love and support for the singer and have stated that they will continue to support her regardless of her sexual orientation.