Fans will finally see the return of Lucifer when season 3 begins in a few days. Fox already released the television show’s new trailer, giving a glimpse of much-loved characters’ comeback, and what is about to happen.

From the looks of it, Lucifer Morningstar is back doing his naughty ways. After his wings are once again seen in the previous season, the protagonist will prove that he is a devil in disguise.

A glimpse of the show’s start

“Lucifer” Season 3’s video teasers also give the first look at Tom Welling’s character, Marcus Pierce.

It seems like Marcus knows how to push anyone’s buttons as the new LAPD lieutenant.

In fact, the first time that he meets Chloe Decker (Lauren German), he calls her Lucifer’s partner and not his consultant. He even ignores her hand when she is asking for a handshake.

Marcus also notices that Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro) seems to hate Lucifer, thus he might take advantage of it as he asks him to gather more information about the Prince of Darkness. The trailer just gives a quick glimpse of Welling’s character. However, it strongly suggests that he will be a “master manipulator,” Bleeding Cool reported. Also, it poses a question of whether Pierce is a real human, or also a devil or angel in disguise.

Additionally, Lucifer also has a scene with Dr. Linda Martin (Rachael Harris).

At the end of the trailer, Dr. Linda told Lucifer that he “didn’t invent the idea of giving out favors.” He then looks at her and says that he forgot who he was talking to.

The first episode’s storyline

The “Lucifer” season premiere is titled “They’re Back, Aren’t They.” It will air on Oct. 2, Monday, at 8 PM on Fox.

In the first episode’s official synopsis obtained by Dread Central, fans are about to see the continuation of the events that took place last season.

As Lucifer is still confused about his wings’ return, he will get the help of Chloe to figure out what happened. While investigating, the duo encounters a crime scene that might have a connection to his kidnapping. Lucifer’s investigation will start to go amiss as he finds himself trapped in another difficult situation that will lead to the revelation of a much darker situation.

Alternatively, Marcus will fail to impress everyone as the new lieutenant as he displays a “stern demeanor” in the Lancaster Police Department. Will Marcus and Lucifer start to hate each other? Find out more in the premiere of “Lucifer” Season 3.