Amenadiel takes another shot at romance in “Luciferseason 3. However, it is not with his ex-lover Maze, much to the bounty hunter’s surprise.

Amenadiel’s story so far

Amenadiel did not have much of a love life in the past two seasons. He was all work and no play. In Season 1, he spent most of his time convincing his brother Lucifer Morningstar to return home. He was focused on completing this mission to please his father. In Season 2, he gave up on bringing his brother back home. He also lost the use of his wings, and his powers diminished, so he was forced to stay on Earth.

Then his and Lucifer's mother appeared and swayed him to do her bidding. The divine being, who masqueraded as Charlotte Richards, convinced Amenadiel that Uriel’s sword is their ticket to the Silver City. She also told him that it could return his powers. The angel helped her look for the missing piece of the sword so they can return home and so he can regain his powers. Suffice to say, Amenadiel had no time to focus on love or romance, much less go out on dates. His life revolved around his family and their problems.

Amenadiel and Maze's relationship

However, we briefly saw Amenadiel take a romantic interest in Lucifer’s best friend and guardian. He and Maze had a special connection back in Season 1.

In the beginning, it was merely a job for Maze to get close to the angel. Viewers may remember that Lucifer asked her to spy on Amenadiel so he would know his plans. They developed an emotional connection instead, although this did not last long. Amenadiel found out that Maze acted sweet towards him because of Lucifer. He felt betrayed.

Regardless, they were not meant to be together since Maze is a demon and Amenadiel an angel. This is why in Season 2 they acted as social acquaintances, not as lovers. They still feel awkward with each other though.

A new love interest for Amenadiel

In “Lucifer” Season 3 though Amenadiel decides to move on from Maze and take another chance at romance.

According to TV Line, Maze finds out that he is seeing someone. Of course, this surprises the demon-turned-bounty hunter. We do not know who Amenadiel has taken a special interest in yet. It would be interesting to see how Maze reacts though to see her ex-lover with someone new. Perhaps when she sees them together, she might feel just a bit jealous. We somehow sense that she still has feelings for Amenadiel and vice versa. There is tension between them, which we can safely assume is remnant of their previous relationship.