Fans are already excited to see the return of hell’s former rule in “Luciferseason 3 on Oct. 2, 2017. The Season 2 Finale left things up in the air and below we have some details on what fans can expect from the next installment.

Lucifer and his wings

The Season 2 Finale ended with the devil waking up in the desert shirtless and with his wings back. Season 3 will explore how their return will affect the devil moving forward. Most importantly, the installment will reveal who gave the devil his wings back. Tom Ellis, who plays the title character, is convinced that Lucifer’s father is responsible.

He gave them back as his way of manipulating his son.

Who kidnapped the devil?

Season 3 will also reveal who knocked Lucifer out cold in the Season 2 Finale. To recap, right before he was about to come clean to Chloe Decker about his identity, someone hit him from behind. According to TV Line, Lucifer suspects that the Sinnerman, a “slightly depraved criminal mastermind,” is the culprit. Fox has yet to announce who will play the recurring character.

A new adversary in 'Lucifer' Season 3

The Lord of Darkness has a new adversary according to Tom Ellis. He said this person will test the devil in ways that he has not been tested before. Could this adversary be the Sinnerman?

A love triangle brings out the worst in Lucifer

The devil will be competing for Chloe’s affection with a newcomer in Season 3. Tom Welling will play Marcus Pierce, a charismatic and charming lieutenant who forms a romantic connection with the detective. Of course, Lucifer will not take his presence lightly since he is not used to having competition.

Likewise, he already thinks that he and Chloe share a special connection, so naturally, Marcus’ presence makes him jealous. It brings out the worst in the devil.

Flashback episodes

Season 3 has 22 episodes in total including the four standalone episodes that will flesh out the characters’ story. There will be a flashback episode to when Lucifer first arrived in Los Angeles.

Fans will finally know why he was cast out from Hell. Perhaps the opening scene in the trailer is a flashback and not connected to the cliffhanger in the Season 2 Finale. Likewise, the trailer revealed that we will see Dan and Chloe back when they were still a couple.

The devil is back to his old ways

Lucifer will start to rebel against his father in “Lucifer” Season 3. He will go back to his womanizing and partying ways, as seen in the trailer: