Logan Brown of "Sister Wives" has been with his girlfriend Michelle Petty for a really long time. These two have been doing great, but never moved to the next level. It turns out that Logan has now proposed to his girlfriend. He went to his Instagram page and shared that he popped the question.

Logan shares the news

Logan Brown went to his Instagram and shared a pic of the ring along with saying, "I did a thing... the best thing that I have ever done. . #engaged." The fans are really excited to hear the news. Everyone is commenting telling him "congratulations" and talking about how much they love the ring.

Logan also shared a few pictures saying that she said "yes."

Everyone has watched Michelle and Logan on "Sister Wives" and could see that they were the perfect couple. Logan is a bit more reserved about his relationship than his sisters and doesn't show as much on television. Everyone is curious to see if he will let the wedding air on the show or not. More than likely, he will agree to let them do it.

People gives the details

People was able to get some of the details from Logan about the big proposal. These two have been friends for about five years and dating for three. They didn't rush it at all, but anyone who has seen Logan and Michelle together can tell they are happy with each other.

They were at Congress Bridge in Austin, Texas when he popped the question.

He shared that they had been to see one of their favorite bands and he walked out on the bridge to a spot with a great view and popped the question. Logan went on to explain that he had big plans, but they just didn't all work out for him.

Logan Brown is Kody and Janelle's oldest child. They gave out a statement and said, "We are so happy that Logan and Michelle are engaged.

We have become quite attached to Michelle, and we are so thrilled that they have taken this next step. We wish them so much joy and look forward to what comes next.”

The Brown family already has one grandchild and you know with this many kids they will end up with a bunch. Michelle and Logan seem to be taking things slow in their relationship, so it won't be surprising at all if they take this slow as well.

Are you happy to hear that Logan Brown of "Sister Wives" has proposed? Do you think he will let the wedding air on television on TLC? Sound off in the comments section below, and hopefully "Sister Wives" will return soon to TLC. So far, the show should come back, but TLC hasn't actually confirmed it will return.