The "Sister Wives" Brown family has seen their share of turmoil over the years and it doesn't appear to be over anytime soon. Kody's fourth wife, Robyn, has decided to leave the marriage and move back to Utah. According to Radar Online, the move is set to happen the first week in January.

Leading Up to the Divorce

The family will take a hit with the departure of Robyn. Kody divorced his only legal wife, and the first sister wife, Meri, in order to legally adopt Robyn's three children from a previous marriage to David Preston Jessop. This legal marriage between Kody Brown and Robyn would also allow for his adopted children and his biological children with Robyn to qualify for health care benefits through his employer.

Robyn and Meri were not the only girls in the group who were having problems in the relationship. At one point Christine Brown felt that Robyn was getting all the attention and Christine was feeling the effects of post-partum depression after the birth of Truely. Janelle Brown seems more like a financial guru than an actual sister wife and she has never bonded well with Meri despite her first husband, Adam Barber, being Meri's older brother.

The Final Straw

According to sources, Robyn has been having marital issues with Kody since her pregnancy and childbirth earlier this year. Robyn felt there were a lot of communication issues which was causing too much fighting. The fighting was stressing Robyn and her children out.

As audiences have seen on "Sister Wives," Kody Brown is terrible at handling stressful situations and will usually walk out the door over to another house to vent his frustrations.

When Robyn was no longer the source of his comfort, but rather the discomfort, Kody was breaking down and could not handle it. Robyn has always gotten her way and other sister wives have made numerous comments on that over the years.

She refuses to be put on the back-burner or allow her children to be treated differently compared to the other children.

Even though Robyn has burned bridges in Utah, she is willing to go home and try to repair some of those damaged relationships. In her eyes, going home to stay with her mother, and dealing with the troubled past is better than staying where she is at.

She will take this time to figure out the next step in her life. Robyn is actually looking forward to moving back home full-time but won't be able to do that until her contract for "Sister Wives" is done.

New Season

The latest season of "Sister Wives" will focus on Mariah Brown's catfish story (just like her mother Meri) and Maddie and Mykelti's wedding.

Do you think Robyn Brown is making the right decision to leave Kody Brown and the "Sister Wives" show?