The Joker may be getting his own origin story, without Jared Leto in the lead role. "The Hangover" director Todd Phillips is working on a movie about how the Joker became Gotham's most terrifying criminal. The film will be a gritty crime drama set in the 1980s, and Martin Scorsese is in talks to have a to-be-determined role in the production be the movie's producer.

Though Scorsese’s deal isn’t apparently done yet, The Hollywood Reporter now claims Warner Bros. had a very specific intention in bringing the legendary director on board: they want to secure Leonardo DiCaprio.

Should Leo play The Joker?

Scorsese and DiCaprio have worked together on many big-name movies including "The Departed," "Gangs of New York," "The Aviator," and "The Wolf of Wall Street." It has been said Warner Brothers are hoping the duo’s relationship will help seal the deal with the Oscar-winning actor. The film itself will be a “gritty, realistic” crime drama set in the underworld of Gotham city.

But the Joker project could be a real longshot since DiCaprio, who hasn’t made a movie since he won the best actor for “The Revenant,” has been attached to numerous projects that never got made, some with Scorsese. The duo are currently in development on “Devil in the White City” and “Killers of the Flower Moon.” If they succeed, however, it’ll be DiCaprio’s first jump into the world of comic book adaptations which will surely be an event unto itself.

Jared Leto is reportedly unhappy

THR’s latest report suggests that Jared Leto was less than pleased with some other actor take the part of a lifetime away from him. That may be why the “Joker & Harley Quinn” movie got such a fast track announcement last week. The publication says the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman contacted his agents at CAA about his displeasure.

Due to the friction, the singer/actor is now reportedly courted by rival agency WME.

It’s a bit confusing as to why Warner Bros. would want to put so many Joker projects in the fire and have various actors portraying him. It’s not only confusing, but it’s also a dangerous game to be playing. While both the DiCaprio rumor and Leto’s unhappiness are just reports, it would make sense that any actor would feel threatened if their role was already being recast or split off after only one film.

Representatives for Scorsese and DiCaprio haven’t commented on the matter yet, and Warner Bros declined to comment on the speculation. What’s known though is that the new Joker movie will be the first film under a new banner that’s yet to be named in which WB can expand the canon of DC properties?