george clooneys new film “Suburbicon,” which premiered at this year’s Venice Film Festival, is generating talks on its relevance with the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia and race relations in America in general.

However, Clooney made it clear during the post-screening press conference that the film is not about US President Donald Trump but rather on “coming to terms constantly with the idea that we have never addressed our issues of race fully.”

The actor, however, addressed issues concerning the current occupant of the White House. He described the scale of anger in America and the “dark cloud hanging over our country right now.”

The "Ocean’s Eleven" star nevertheless expressed optimism that the US will get through what it is experiencing at present and he is confident the country’s institutions like Congress, the Judiciary, and the press are working accordingly.

'Suburbicon' based on real-life story

George Clooney is the co-writer and director of “Suburbicon,” which was based on the original script of the Coen Brothers. It is described as a satire exploring race relations in 1950s America.

In the film, the Myers, who has just moved into a white suburb, were blamed for the wave of violence that rocked the once-quiet neighborhood. Their white neighbors, played by Matt Damon and Juliane Moore, as husband and wife, were able to get away with their crimes because the racist residents along with the police are focusing their anger and probe on the innocent black family next door.

A fence was built around the Myer’s home, and the family had to contend with their white neighbors rioting daily outside their property.

Clooney said he based the film on the real-life story of William and Daisy Myers, a black family, who moved to Levittown, Pennsylvania, in 1957.

Looking back in history

Clooney reveals during the press conference that genesis of the movie’s screenplay can be traced back to the time he was watching Trump delivering his speeches during the campaign period.

He particularly pointed out to Trump’s message of “building fences” and “scapegoating minorities.”

The film’s co-writer and director said that he then started looking back in history for a similar scenario and eventually he found the Levittown, Pennsylvania story.

Clooney running for president?

With the timely relevance of the film with the current social and political situation in America and George Clooney’s strong views against Donald Trump, the “Suburbicon's” director was asked if he would like to run for president.

“Would I like to be the next president? Oh, that sounds like fun,” Clooney responded. He also joked he would like anybody to be the next president of the United States. Right away.

“Suburbicon” will be released in theaters nationwide on October 27, 2017.