The new entry in the series created by Sony Santa Monica, “God Of War,” will have an early release next year in all regions, but there’s still a chockfull we don’t know about it. However, it seems as though things are going seamlessly, with one Sony exec claiming the game will apparently blow people away.

Ultimate brutality in ‘God of War’

At GameStop Expo 2017 this weekend, Asad Qizilbash, Sony Interactive Entertainment America’s Head of Software Marketing, sat down with Kinda Funny Games and discussed the upcoming game, which is coming to PlayStation 4 in early 2018.

Qizilbash spoke about a number of different topics during the interview, though "God of War" was brought up and the Vice President of Marketing was able to confirm that the game is not like the past installments but instead will be the "most Brutal" game to have released from the franchise.

Qizilbash went on to boast about the Sony Santa Monica, the team tasked to bring “God of Warback to life. He says the team has the game in "the right place" and he believes people will be "blown away."

Kratos to reveal his softer side

Judging from the action on display in its E3 2017 trailer, it definitely appears as if the forthcoming title will have plenty of intense combat moments and gory beat downs for which the franchise is known.

It's pretty much known to many gamers that it's a game that has fraught and violent moments like the one that ends with you throwing a man to his death. No matter the obstacle you’re faced with, no matter the enemy who stands in your way, you can always press circle to make Kratos punch its face in.

However, the Sony exec described the game as being much more visceral, saying that players will feel every punch during the battles.

He added that the combat is very different from previous versions and it is no longer one versus many but, now it is one versus one or two. Kratos’ axe can be upgraded as well and it is made by the same dwarfs that made the Thor’s Hammer.

Although the upcoming game is going to be the most violent yet, Qizilbash revealed the game will also highlight the softer side of Kratos, a character that will struggle to balance being a fighter and a father in the game.

In other news, go check out the Digital Deluxe Edition for the game which is going for $69.99. It includes a digital copy of the game along with some additional goodies. You can see what in-game armor sets will be included when the action game gets released sometime in 2018.