The latest updates and spoilers for "Legends of tomorrow" season 3 will feature the return of the Justice Society of America and executive producer Phil Klemmer talks about Rip Hunter's new role as leader of the Time Bureau.

JSA returns

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim teased the return of the Justice Society of America when he tweeted a photo of the Sandman's mask and hinted its connection to the next "Arroverse" crossover. Sandman's mask was spotted in the Waverider's archive room and comic book fans theorized that it belonged to Sandy Hawkins due to similar design from the comics.

Sandman is a member of JSA in the comics, and Guggenheim's tweet may indicate the superhero group's return to the show. The JSA first appeared in season 2 during the Legends' adventures in World War 2. The group consists of Hourman, Commander Steel, Vixen, Stargirl, Obsidian, and Doctor Mid-Nite.

The JSA is also responsible for guarding the pieces of the Spear of Destiny and scattering them throughout time. Reverse-Flash and his group the Legion of Doom are trying to collect the pieces of the spear to change reality.

While the showrunners did not reveal the JSA's role in the next crossover, it seems that they will help the heroes fight a new threat far greater than the Dominator's last year. Fans speculated that the new threat could be Superman villain Mongul and he will likely bring his ship, the Warworld to earth.

Rip Hunter's new role

Co-producer Phil Klemmer revealed Rip Hunter's new role as leader of the Time Bureau and stated that the former Time Master will be there to keep the Legends in check after their numerous victories and catastrophes in the past seasons.

"That gave us the idea for 'What if Rip went back in time [and] started the new Time Bureau?'" Klemmer said. " So Rip comes back as basically the new boss, the new police chief, saying, 'What are guys doing?'"

Rips new team will be at odds with the Legends as he tries to prevent them from causing more damage to the time stream.

The Legends defiantly oppose their authority after they discovered a far greater threat than the time aberrations and they are more than capable enough to stop it.

The Legends will face new villains in season 3 such Kuasa and Gorilla Grodd, as well as familiar faces like Damien Darhk and Captain Cold. Guggenheim teased that Amaya Jewie will meet her granddaughter and successor, Mari McCabe in the show, but it is unknown if their encounter will cause a serious rupture in the timeline.