Internet sensation Danielle Bregoli has confirmed that she has signed a record deal with Atlantic Records. The fourteen-year-old celebrity has beaten fellow music artist Taylor Swift in the Billboard Hot 100 and the public is shocked that the teenager managed to achieve this.

Bregoli found fame through 'Dr. Phil'

The celebrity rose to fame from her time on the show "Dr. Phil" when her catchphrase "Cash me outside" went viral. Bregoli went on the show with her mother and Dr. Phil investigated the continuous dangerous behavior of the teenager. Bregoli whipped out her catchphrase several times throughout their discussion capturing the attention of internet users everywhere.

Bregoli has since been monopolizing on her fame and has decided to pursue a rap career. She has already created her rap persona, which she has called "Bhad Bhabie" and has starred in a handful of music videos.

According to Billboard, Danielle Bregoli has already released her first single, which is titled "These Heaux." In a report by A.V Club, it has been confirmed that "These Heaux" has already received 21 million views. The track climbed its way to the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, beating Taylor Swift's new song "Look What You Made Me Do."

The rapper has been signed with Atlantic

According to Hip Hop DX, Danielle Bregoli has announced that she has signed with Atlantic Record. The internet sensation has signed her contract with the major recording company who works with such celebrities as Ed Sheeran and the American band Paramore.

It has been confirmed that Bregoli will be releasing several new albums over the upcoming years. The fourteen-year-old is the youngest ever rapper to be signed with such a prestigious recording company. Danielle Bregoli took to social media to commemorate the occasion releasing a photograph of herself, her mother and the staff of Atlantic recording studios.

Bregoli caught the eye of Atlantic record executives as her face and brand dominated the internet. She has been videoed getting into fights with individuals on the streets and has been banned from an Airline company for allegedly punching a fellow passenger in the face.

It is clear that Atlantic wish to monopolize on the fourteen-year-old celebrity and are intent on making her into a star.

Atlantic executives have called Bregoli a real star with an abundance of talent.

Fans of the growing celebrity are delighted by her newfound fame while other members of the public are shocked that she had managed to make a career for herself.