The latest updates and spoilers for "Legends of tomorrow" season 3 will feature "Vixen" Mari Mccabe joining the cast and the Legends will face Rip Hunter's new "Time Bureau" group.

Two 'Vixens' in the show

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim teased that Amaya Jewie's granddaughter, Mari McCabe, will make an appearance in the third season of "Legends of Tomorrow." Mari is the current holder of the "Vixen" mantle in the present timeline as she fights crime in the mean streets of Detroit. Mari also stars in her own solo animated series on CW Seeds.

Amaya is Mari's grandmother and was first introduced in season 2 as a member of the Justice Society of America in World War 2.

She joined the Legends in order to find Eobard Thawne a.k.a. Reverse-Flash for Hourman's death. Thawne is joined by Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk to form the Legion of Doom as they search for the pieces of the Spear of Destiny throughout history.

After the Legends defeated the Legion to save reality, the heroes find themselves in a new broken timeline after they created a huge time aberration in the season 2 finale and they are now tasked with restoring everything back to normal before time collapses on itself.

Guggenheim told DC All-Access host Tiffany Smith that the main villain in season 3 is Kuasa from the "Vixen" animated series and her presence will have a huge effect on Amaya and Mari since they are family.

It is unknown yet as to how the two Vixens will meet in the show, but seeing is how broken the timeline is at the start of season 3, perhaps their meeting will be plausible without any temporal side-effects.

The Time Bureau

The plot synopsis of "Legends of Tomorrow" season 3 revealed that Rip Hunter has established a new group called the "Time Bureau" to restore and protect the broken timeline that his former teammates created in the season 2.

The Time Bureau will be a huge opposition to the Legends as they question their methods in restoring history.

The group is also the reason why the Legends disbanded as Rip feels that their presence will jeopardize their mission. However, Sarah Lance and her friends defiantly oppose their rule after discovering a far greater threat than the huge time aberration and she feels that her team is more than capable enough to stop it.

The new DC TV trailer featured Wally West from "The Flash" TV series having a witty banter with Citizen Steel, hinting a new character crossover from both shows.The synopsis for the next "Arrowverse" crossover will have the heroes fight a more powerful threat than the Dominators last year and it is speculated that Mongul will be the main villain.