Leah Messer is currently busy with her three daughters, as she's caring for Ali, Aleeah, and Adalynn all by herself. She has been a single mother for quite some time, and fans know that she's serious about caring for her kids. Leah has revealed that she has returned to school to get her degree, and she is determined to make it work for her kids.

Messer has always said that when her daughters go to school, she will go back to school to get her degree. While filming "Teen Mom 2," Leah has focused on her self-esteem, her well-being and on being a full-time mother.

Ever since going to rehab to focus on her depression and anxiety, Messer has been focusing on positivity.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer is now revealing that she wants to focus on the positive aspects of the recent natural disasters. Messer has been watching the devastation left behind from Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma over the past couple of weeks, and it sounds like she wants to give back. For days, Leah was criticized for not bringing attention to the people in need, as she has a massive platform who could help out.

Sending love

On social media, Leah Messer is now revealing she's focusing on love and positivity. In an Instagram post, Messer revealed that she is sending prayers to the people in need and she hopes that the victims will work together to get their cities back to the way they were.

"There is a lot of pain and suffering in the world right now and such a need for love and kindness. Sending prayers of healing and love to everyone struggling. Be reminded that there is no force more powerful in the world than LOVE," Messer revealed on her Instagram account, sharing that she thinks that love will help solve the issues that are in Houston and Florida at the moment.

Out of harm's way

Of course, Leah Messer has been out of harm's way in regards to these hurricanes. She has been in West Virginia, and her family has been safe from the devastation. However, Leah herself knows all about the devastation caused by mother nature. A few years ago, West Virginia was hit by flooding, and she revealed that she was lucky that her house was not affected.

But on "Teen Mom 2," Messer revealed that her daughters' schools were closed because of the local flooding that was taking place.

What do you think of Leah Messer's Instagram post, where she is keeping people in mind? What do you feel about her finally speaking out about the hurricanes?