Angelina Jolie was at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) for her new movie “First They Killed My Father” and she talked about the possibility of her kids working in Hollywood. She noted, however, that it would be great to see just one of her kids pursue a career in show business.

She was asked at the red carpet by an E! News reporter, Zuri Hall, about the possibility that their oldest child, Maddox Jolie-Pitt, will pursue a career in Hollywood since he was executive producer for the movie, “First They Killed My Father.” Maddox and his younger brother Pax Jolie-Pitt were with Jolie during her appearance at the TIFF.

Jolie comments on Maddox possibly joining Hollywood

Jolie told Hall that Maddox worked really hard on the movie, and the mother-of-six said that the decision of working in Hollywood is up to her oldest son. She, also, added that “First They Killed My Father” was very important to her son.

The flick is based on the memoir of Loung Ung of the same name as the flick. Maddox is from Cambodia and Jolie adopted him when he was only seven months old.

On her hopes regarding her other kids

Jolie also talked about her other children with Brad Pitt; Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne. She expressed her hopes of seeing her kids possibly collaborate on something creative one of these days. Jolie said she might be dreaming, but if she continues to be in show business, she would love to work with her children if they choose to take part in Hollywood.

She is not forcing them, however, as Jolie pointed out, she hopes her kids will “pursue passions by their own volition.” The actress and director said that she has been taking her kids to refugee camps and on humanitarian trips and because they always request to go with her whenever she visits these places. Jolie said that it is her way of teaching them how to respect diversity.

Jolie talks how she started to work behind the camera

Jolie said transitioning from being an actress to being a director was an accident because she just wanted to learn more about the war in Yugoslavia when they made “Land of Blood and Honey” six years ago. Jolie said that the greatest way for her to learn and know each other is by creating together.

In the first film she directed, she worked with different artists from all over the world and that was when she thought that the world is “stronger for diversity.”

“First They Killed My Father” will be out in theaters and will be available for streaming on Netflix this September 15.