What's going on with Leah Messer? According to a new report, the "Teen Mom 2" star, who spent 30 days in rehab in 2015, may be spiraling out of control during a trip to Nashville, Tennessee with her sister, Victoria Messer.

On June 6, OK! Magazine shared a report claiming Messer was partying hard and getting "messed up" during her recent vacation. As the outlet revealed, the reality star and mother of three traveled to Tennessee on Saturday, June 3, in their vehicle and chronicled their journey with their fans and followers on Snapchat. A short time later, Messer and her sister continued their social media feed with photos of each other at a bar where Messer seductively posed for the camera with her tongue out.

Two days later, on Monday, June 5, Leah Messer's wild vacation continued as she shared a photo of several shots with her audience. As fans may have heard, Victoria filed for divorce from Brian Jones just a short while ago. The couple was married for just two years and shares a 6-month-old daughter, Cami.

Leah Messer's boozy getaway is 'concerning'

According to the magazine's report, it is concerning to see Messer boozing due to her alleged struggles with substance abuse, which have been discussed on the show. As the outlet explained, Messer has been rumored to have dealt with substance abuse in the past and during an episode of "Teen Mom 2," her first husband, Corey Simms, confronted her about the issue with his wife, Miranda, at his side.

Simms was also seen discussing Messer's alleged struggles with her second husband, Jeremy Calvert, who claimed on the show that she had a "prescription pill problem." Around the same time, Messer was seen slurring her words and nodding off on the show.

Leah Messer lost custody of her twins, Ali and Aleeah

Amid rumors of drug use and addiction struggles, Messer shockingly lost primary custody of her twins with Simms, Ali and Aleeah, now 7, before regaining shared custody of the children several months later.

Messer's custody loss came just months after the reality star checked into rehab, claiming to be treating anxiety and depression.

To see more of Leah Messer and her family, including her ex-husbands and her kids, tune into the upcoming eighth season of "Teen Mom 2" when the series returns to MTV later this year. The new installment is currently in production and also includes the addition of former "Teen Mom 3" cast member Briana DeJesus.