Leah Messer has been open and honest about her struggles as a single mother on "Teen Mom 2." Even though Leah had her third daughter, Adalynn, with her second husband, the two divorced. Messer had gotten married with the goal of staying together forever, but she quickly realized that she would be caring for her three daughters on her own. Fans have seen her struggle with depression and anxiety, two divorces, and a child with special needs on "Teen Mom 2." Of course, Messer still wants to focus on her personal life despite having three kids. But just because she's back at school doesn't mean her whole life has been flipped around.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer recently revealed that she took some time off to go with her kids on a school trip. Messer posted pictures of herself on the School Bus with her children and it sounded like they had a great time. Messer revealed that she wanted to embarrassed her daughters on the school bus but her daughter Aleeah immediately shut her down. They did not want their mom to do something that would make them look bad. However, for Leah, it was all fun.

She's 'that' mom

Her Instagram post reveals that Leah Messer is that mom who doesn't mind embarrassing her children on the school bus. One can imagine there were other mothers on the trip and Leah wasn't the only one.

But her daughters wanted to look cool and they didn't want Leah to do something embarrassing.

"I told grace I was gonna start a dance party on her bus and jam the music. She's not having it!" Leah revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture of herself with her daughter.

They were clearly having a great time on the school trip, but Leah respected her daughters.

On the trip, Messer posted about her own experiences on the school bus and she revealed that she hadn't felt that car sick in a long time. She reveals she had forgotten what it was like to be on those crazy school buses, where you feel everything.

Children before school

Leah is currently enrolled in school and it's possible that she took the day off to go with her daughters on the school trip.

Even though Messer takes her own education seriously, she has changed her education to be online, which means she can do the work once they return home. She can do her homework the night they return, even though she took the day off to spend with her girls. It is admirable that she's focusing on her education while still making time for her kids.

What do you think of Leah Messer's post about embarrassing her kids on the school bus?