Chuck Norris reportedly suffered a near death experience on July 17th while in Nevada after an appearance at the United Fighting Arts Federation’s World Championships in Las Vegas on July 16. Radar Online reports that Norris, 77, suffered two massive heart attacks within minutes of each other while en route to the hospital.

Chuck Norris health scare

Chuck Norris and his wife, Gena O'Kelley were traveling back to their Chester, California home when the group they were with decided to stop over at the Tonopah Station Hotel and Casino for the night.

The celebrity news site claims that casino employees told them that Chuck's wife Gena checked into the couple's hotel suite around 1:30 a.m. while Chuck stayed down at the casino area a while longer before heading to his room.

Norris brought back twice in less than an hour

Around 5:30 a.m. according to family members traveling with Norris, Chuck collapsed with severe chest pains while showering. A 911 call was quickly placed, and emergency responders arrived within minutes.

Hotel guests watched on as Norris was loaded onto a stretcher and placed inside the awaiting ambulance for transport to Mt. Grant General Hospital 100 miles away. While traveling the karate expert suffered a massive heart attack.

Chuck's wife Gena watched on in horror as medics hurriedly restarted Norris' heart with a defibrillator during the attack which stopped his heart and breathing leaving the star dead for several seconds before stabilizing.

“This would have easily killed most men half his age, but Chuck is still at the peak of physical fitness,” Radar’s informant dished.

Norris arrived at the hospital just moments before suffering a second heart attack. He was stabilized a second time and flown by a trauma chopper to Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno, Nevada. It was a scary trip for Chuck and his wife according to the site's source, who stated: "everything happened very fast." It was touch and go." The family insider added that Chuck Norris died and was brought back twice in less than one hour.

After facing such a frightening life and death medical emergency, Chuck Norris, however, remarkably bounced back quickly from the near fatal heart attacks and was released from the hospital just a few days later. Chuck Norris, who's real name is Carlos Ray Norris is best known as a martial arts champion and actor. He is best known by fans for his long running television hit "Walker Texas Ranger."

His acting credits also include an impressive film career, starring in films which include "Good Guys Wear Black," "The Octagon," "An Eye for an Eye,"Lone Wolf McQuade" and "Missing in Action" to name a few.

Wishes for a full and fast recovery go out to Mr. Norris after his frightening medical emergency.