Lady Gaga has a new boyfriend and the mother monster looks very happy. At the 31-year-old star’s recent gig at Citi Field in New York as part of her Joanne World Tour, she proudly said that she is in love with her CAA agent Christian Carino.

Amidst the heavy rain fall, the singer proved her professionalism and went on with her performance. She even has her partner checking her between during concert break to assure her safety.

The sweet act

Lady Gaga told her audience (via People) that she is from New York wherein she learned how to dance on the wet concrete, so they didn't have to worry.

She told her thousands of fans that she was ready for the rain and sang her number one hits like “Born This Way,” “Poker Face,” “The Edge of Glory,” and more.

Although she didn’t mind performing with the heavy downpour, Christian Carino was checking on her every now to see if she was okay. The songwriter even told Page Six that she saw him by the stairs checking on her when she went backstage.

She then bragged that it was the best part of being in love, having somehow to catch her if she fell. Carino represents A-list artists like Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Simon Cowell, Christian Aguilera, and Amber Heard.

Kinney and Gaga stay civil

Lady Gaga and Christian Carino’s relationship was confirmed in February after they were caught being cozy at the Kings of Leon concert.

They, too, were seen cuddling at the Super Bowl LI field.

This is the “American Horror Story” star’s first romance after she and Taylor Kinney called off their engagement in July 2016 after being together for five years.

In spite of their breakup, the exes remain on good terms. In fact, the 36-year-old actor was seen in her concert at Chicago Wrigley Field.

He was even caught cheering for her former girlfriend and had photo sessions with the people at the event.

The canceled concert

Unfortunately, because of her performance, while there was a heavy downpour, Lady Gaga got sick that ended up in canceling her concert in Montreal, Canada.

In a tweet, the hitmaker addressed all her fans and said that she was devastated for being unable to perform for them.

She proudly said that she was always performing live and giving it all, but when she sang and danced at Citi Field while raining, she got sick and had been “pushing through.” She then apologized to everyone who expected to see her that night. As a token of her gratitude, she said she was sending some pizza to her fans that were waiting outside her hotel in Montreal.