International female singer Lady Gaga revealed that she is taking a “rest” from her music projects, and focus on maintaining her health, Abc News reported. She recently teared up in front of the media as she talked about her health issues.

Lady Gaga was in Toronto, Canada last Friday for her concert tour in the region, and to launch a documentary about her personal life story which will be shown on the streaming service Netflix. Last week, the female singer canceled her tour in Montreal because of her health issues, Fox News reported. She made it up to her fans by treating them with free pizza outside her hotel.

As the singer faced the media during the documentary launch, she told them that it is hard but “it is liberating too,” ABC News added. One of the reasons why she is taking a break from Making Music is because she is going to slow down first and take care of her health.

To reflect upon the past

Right now, Lady Gaga is performing on her “Joanne” world tour which highlights her latest songs from her album with the same title. She still has some remaining shows on this month in Philadelphia, as well as in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Barcelona in Spain, Zurich in Switzerland, Milan in Italy, and Hamburg in Germany, her official website stated.

Then, she is heading over to France, United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands for the next legs of her concert tour.

It will run until December 18, 2017, the website added.

During her interview with the reporters, she said that after her tour ends, she will neither make music nor create new projects. Lady Gaga will spend “sometime reflecting on the past ten years,” and pondering on what more she can offer next, ABC News reported.

Lady Gaga’s documentary

The “Million Reasons” singer is currently working on an upcoming documentary titled “Gaga: Five Foot Two.” She launched the new film at the Toronto International Film Festival through a piano performance of “Bad Romance,” one of her most famous hits, USA Today reported.

According to the article, the documentary will reveal information about her alleged feud with fellow singer Madonna. It will also take viewers to her health conditions, as she still faces partial and full body spasms, USA Today added. She underwent surgery for a broken hip back in 2013.

Aside from this, the film about the singer will also show her preparations for her Superbowl performance. USA Today reported that it will feature how she managed her costumes from the jacket until the accessories she applied on her undergarments.