For years many shows have tried to accomplish what "The Bold Type" has managed to do in just ten forty minute episodes. Unlike other television series that ignore social issues and the Fans that want to see them expressed, "The Bold Type" truly tries to understand today's generation and their point of view.

freeform's newest comedy isn't one that shoves issues like feminism down your throat to make you feel like getting millennial views is their only end game. This show actually cares. Feminism is carefully woven into the series through the characters, their stories, and their experiences, and may even give viewers of the series a chance to step back and receive the message the show is trying to get across.

The show deserves a second season

One of the many things "The Bold Type" has been highly praised for, is its debunking of the "mean boss" stereotype. Other series who put females in position of power, give them that power along with an arrogant attitude and a condescending demeanor towards their employees. "The Bold Type" does the complete opposite and shows that even though a woman is in charge, she can be kind and understanding and it in no way belittles her authority or ability to get things done.

Adena and her storyline as a lesbian and Muslim living in America is something that is, unfortunately, a rare find on television. Watching Adena struggle with discrimination and immigration laws is completely heartbreaking but necessary to portray to viewers of the show.

Kat's feelings for Adena is yet another positive aspect of the series for many reasons. Their relationship was both supportive and selfless as they always wanted what was best for the other even if it wasn't what was best for themselves.

When Kat began discovering her sexuality, there was never any discomfort or disapproval from her friends which exemplifies the beautiful friendship between the three leading ladies.

Her friends offered their unconditional love and support and never once saw Kat's feelings for Adena as invalid or wrong. The girls support each other in every way they can and their relationship is at the front and center of the show.

Will it actually get renewed?

Ratings for the show have varied from 0.1-0.3 throughout the first season.

While that's not good news, the fact that live ratings are no longer the only factor in renewing a television series must be considered. Things like online views and social media presence are also taken into account and could significantly boost a show's popularity.

Whether or not Freeform will renew the show is still up in the air, but fans did take to Twitter to tweet #RenewTheBoldType in hopes of starting a campaign for a second season. #TheBoldType and TheBoldTypeChat hashtags have also been trending on twitter during new episodes which is something else that the network should take into account.

If "The Bold Type" is renewed, it is likely that Season 2 won't premiere until 2018.