American girl group Fifth Harmony has just unveiled its new song titled “Deliver.” The girls also released the new music video for the song, which is inspired by the decade of the 1920s.

“Surprise, Harmonizers! We wanted to deliver something special as a thank you for your incredible support,” their official Twitter post indicated. The music video came in as a surprise for their fans, without any hints or teasers made just like other artists like Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift.

The new music video features all of the girls from Fifth Harmony – Dinah Jane, Normani Kordei, Lauren Jauregui and Ally Brooke.

It has garnered more than one million views since it was posted on YouTube last Friday, September 8.

1920s vibe

“Deliver” is generally a song that tells about a woman’s intense romantic feelings for a man. Just like their previous hits, Fifth Harmony’s 1920s-inspired pop song is both passionate and full of substance.

The lyrics read, “No need for replacements or a warranty, And he’ll never need another, that’s a guarantee... My baby knows that I deliver, He knows what’s coming when I come through, I know you got the message, I deliver.”

Fans were also taken into a visual spectacle throughout the new music video. It featured vintage microphones, glamorous hair and makeup that are inspired by the pre-World War decade, black dresses, stylish gloves and shining diamonds.

The style of the video angles showed the ladies in close-up shots as they sang the song. There were also shots of the singers together in one frame. The video also featured the jazz performances of the 1920s decade.

Fifth Harmony’s newest album

The girl group’s new song “Deliver” comes from their latest album titled “Fifth Harmony.” It is their third album following “Reflection” released in 2015 and “7/27” that was released last year, their official website said.

The songs in their latest album include “Down,” “He Like That,” “Sauced Up,” “Make You Made,” “Lonely Night,” and more.

The album came in at number four on the Billboard 200 hit chart after it was released last August 25, Rolling Stone reported. It matched the performance of their previous album "7/27" that still featured their former member Camilla Cabello, the music publication added.

The music video for “Deliver” was directed by David Camarena. This videographer has previously worked with artists Kehlani and Ty Dolla Sign. He also directed another Fifth Harmony song, “Angel.”