International pop singer Lady Gaga thought about a nice way to make up to her fans after canceling her concert scheduled last September 4 in montreal. She issued an apology via Twitter but made it up by treating her fans with pizza.

“I’m sending free [pizza] to any monsters outside my hotel, The William Gray Montreal. I love [you] so much [and I am] so sorry. You are the most loyal fans,” she tweeted. Fans, who call themselves as “Little Monsters” swiftly responded to her offer and gathered outside her hotel for the free pizza.

There were people who gathered in front of The William Gray Montreal hotel to join the pizza party and sing some songs, the Montreal Gazette reported.

The ill singer even took time to send autographs to some die-hard fans, and she even made a peek from the roof of the building.

Respiratory illness

Lady Gaga tweeted another post explaining the reason why she was not able to meet her fans during her concert in Montreal. She tweeted, “I’m so sorry Montreal. We are working on postponing the show.” She added some apologies to those who “had their heart set” on watching the concert and seeing her perform that night.

She explained that she got ill from singing under the rain showers during her previous performance at the Citi Field in New York City. The Huffington Post reported that her event promoters cited her illness as “respiratory infection and laryngitis.”

However, fans enjoyed her pizza treat in exchange of the canceled concert.

The news website compiled some photos shared by her fans while munching with the food slices.

“OMG Gaga gave us the most delicious pizza ever. Thank you, Lady Gaga. We love you so much,” said a netizen with username @6FallenAngell9. The Twitter account of Music Industry News also noted, “Lady Gaga sent pizza to her fans to make up for the cancellation!

What a sweetheart!”

Some of the fans who were fully dressed in glamour for the event still remained fashionable, while holding some pizza slices from the singer’s treat. From her location high up in the hotel, there were videos posted online that showed her greeting her fans.

Love is in the concert air

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga also went gushing about her current boyfriend as she took some time to share a romantic anecdote about her boyfriend and talent agent, Christian Carino.

According to Cosmopolitan, it happened during her recent concert tour at the Citi Field in New York City.

This was the event that the female singer pointed at as the reason why she got ill for her Montreal tour. Lady Gaga and Carino reportedly started their relationship last February, just after the singer’s Super Bowl performance, Cosmopolitan added.