The news leaked yesterday that Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend, Travis Scott, are expecting a baby. The pregnancy has been kept a secret for a while, but at long last the world knows. However, Kris Jenner doesn't seem to be too happy about the news breaking. Is it just a lack of surprise from already knowing, or does Kris Jenner just have better things to be worrying about right now?

What has Kris been up to?

While the world was finding out that Kylie is going to be a mother, Kris was out with Kendall in Milan, Italy.

Of course, it is Kris's job to keep track of Kendall Jenner's modeling gigs, with her role as mom and manager.

Kylie was sporting gray pants and a white turtleneck, with a shearling jacket casually over her shoulder. The outfit was tied together with sharp black heels, rectangular sunglasses, and a body pouch. Kris was sitting in the front row to support her daughter. Of course, she was dressed to walk the runway herself. Kris was seen wearing a black sequined jumpsuit with sheer cutouts, accessorized with diamond bangles, black heels, and oversized sunglasses.

When approached about the news of the pregnancy, Kris refused to directly address the news breaking, instead saying, "You never know what is going to break at any moment."

Is Kris excited? Is she upset that the news broke? Or does she think her daughter isn't ready to be a mom?

Perhaps Kris is just tired of being in the spotlight. Regardless of what Kris may think of the situation, we know how the mother-to-be feels.

Kylie's excitement to be a mom

While we can't get a definitive answer from Kris Jenner on how she feels about the situation, we know that Kylie and her boyfriend are very excited. Sources say that they started to tell their friends about the pregnancy when they found out in July.

The breaking news yesterday wasn't news to the family at all, as they've all known for a while. The couple is expecting their baby girl in February.

Kylie has stated that she was worried about showing her pregnancy to the public. Most of the Instagram pictures that Kylie has been posting have been old pictures, still showing her flat stomach.

Even at such young ages, Kylie Jenner being 20 and Travis Scott being 25, they are both happy and excited to be parents. The pregnancy was a surprise for everyone, but Kylie says she is ready to be a mom. It could be that Kylie is ready to have her own family after seeing her older sisters have families of their own. After all, Kim Kardashian is expecting another baby too, this time through a surrogate.

Regardless of how the world sees this young couple, it's clear that they are excited and ready to take on the challenge of parenthood.