The Kardashian family has had its fair share of drama and controversy over the past several months, and now reports are stating that Kris Jenner isn't handling it well. Multiple sites claim the 61-year-old is on verge of a complete and total breakdown, and her family is concerned about her well-being. Both Radar Online and Celebrity Insider state that Jenner is not coping well with her recent split from boyfriend Corey Gamble and the lower than expected ratings of her reality show, "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

How 'KUWTK' is affecting Jenner's emotions

Despite Kim Kardashian's traumatic Paris robbery being aired on the newest season of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," only 1.58 million people tuned in to watch.

Forbes reported that fans are losing interest in the family as less and less viewers tune in to the show each week.

This could end up impacting their wealth as their popularity seemingly dwindles, according to Forbes. "The declining ratings for their show may point to their wallets eventually shrinking." It's no wonder Kris Jenner is reportedly freaking out about the family's fame as the show's ratings continue to plummet.

Celebrity Insider also discussed how the poor reviews are affecting Jenner as she attempts to get her kids to promote the show. "After this new season, which was supposed to bring in a lot of viewers because it focused on Kim’s Paris robbery, failed to live to its expectations, Kris asked her daughters to promote it as much as they can on social media and hopefully raise the ratings a bit."

The site didn't stop there, though, as it stated that Jenner's friends are afraid she may be on the brink of a breakdown as the Kardashian empire "is close to ruins." While the family still has plenty of money in the bank, lower ratings could be a sign that their popularity is decreasing, which could lead to a loss of future revenue.

Her split from boyfriend Corey

Kris and Corey called it quits last month after having dated since 2014, and Radar Online reports that Jenner is not handling the end of the relationship well. The breakup comes at the same time of the lowest "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" ratings ever, and people are suggesting that Kris may have a mental breakdown over it.

Jenner is "freaking out hardcore" about going through another public split as her family's reality show tanks, according to Radar Online's source. The source continued on to say that Kris was already a mess over the low ratings before her and Gamble's breakup was even announced.

It seems Jenner is desperate to stay on the air, as Radar Online reported that she is attempting to bring back Caitlyn Jenner and Lamar Odom in order to get ratings back up.

Between her public breakup and news of the family's reality show ratings plummeting, the "momager" is said to be completely losing it. With all the drama surrounding the Kardashians, fans may not be surprised to learn that Kris Jenner's Easter was reportedly not ideal, either.

Kris celebrates Easter without Corey

Radar Online covered the Kardashian family's Easter celebrations as the site stated that Kris turned to alcohol as she celebrated the first holiday without Corey Gamble.

The site's source said the pair are definitely on a break, and Gamble wanted no part of Kim Kardashian's Easter party. It's stated that Kris relied on wine and champagne to get her through the day as she deals with the breakup and falling ratings.

Her children are reportedly worried that she may be "pushed over the edge" by these recent headlines.