Actress Kristen Bell performed at a school in Florida which is currently being used as a Hurricane Irma shelter. Bell who is currently stranded in Florida due to hurricane Irma performed for a group of children and their parents at the Meadow Woods Middle School, in Orlando, Florida. The 37-year old actress has been staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel after getting trapped in Florida where she was shooting for her latest project.

Frozen actor performs at shelter

The “Frozen” actress sang “For the First Time in Forever,” on Saturday, September 9, at the shelter.

During the performance, Bell revealed that she hoped that her performance would take their mind of the raging hurricane outside. The actress went on to perform for 20 minutes and sang songs from her “Frozen.” At the time of her performance, there were about 200 individuals and family taking shelter in the school premises. Bert Rodriguez accompanied Bell during her performance by playing the piano while the actress sang. The pianist further stated that the actress was funny and gracious throughout her stay in the shelter and even rehearsed the songs that she wanted to sing for the audience. Rodriguez later contacted Buddy Dyer, the mayor of Orlando to show him how the Frozen actress had contributed to the families and individuals who were taking shelter in the school premises.

Kristen Bell lends emotional supports by entertaining evacuees threatened by Hurricane Irma

During her 20-minute performance in Florida sang songs from her movie “Frozen,” which included “More Than Just The Spare.” She also took pictures and signed autographs for fans. Bell also asked the evacuees where they came from and if their homes survived the onslaught of the hurricane.

The actress also insisted on visiting the school’s gym where the evacuees were currently sleeping on mattresses spread across the floor. While everyone was worried about Hurricane Irma and their abandoned homes, the actor invited them to come to the auditorium with her to sing along and divert their minds and bring some cheer.

Bell saves Jennifer Carpenter’s relatives

Apart from performing for the evacuees of Hurricane Irma, Bell also helped relatives of her fellow actresses and actors to escape the wrath of Irma. Dexter famed Jennifer Carpenter tweeted out that Bell helped her grandmother and aunt evacuate their homes before the situation worsened. Apart from that Bell also kept the family of Josh Gad, her Frozen co-star stay safe from the Hurricane before the Irma came down.