While on a vacation in Mexico, paparazzi captured images of the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star. Since these were raw images and unairbrushed, it showed something that fans haven't seen before. The photos show Kim Kardashian's backside but unlike the usual flawless look, cellulite and her plastic surgery butt lifts are seen.

Because of this, many fans expressed their disappointment after seeing the un-photoshopped look of Kim while wearing a bikini. Many of them are calling her fake, especially that she also shared her photo during the vacation which doesn't show her cellulite.

Instagram followers react

Kim has millions of Instagram followers and some of them shared their thoughts about the leaked photos. Some say that she is fake and has been misleading them while others continue to support Kim. Some are also calling her queen of Photoshop but there are also fans who still admire her body.

There are varied comments on her Instagram photo during her Mexico vacation to celebrate the birthday of her sister Kourtney. In the said photo, she was wearing a tiny bikini bottom and a cropped shirt revealing her curves.

According to reports, the reality star lost 100,000 followers because of her unairbrushed photos.

One fan said that she is unfollowing Kim since she is a bad role model. But it is not yet confirmed if some of her fans indeed unfollowed her or Instagram just deleted fake accounts. With that huge number of loss, there is a possibility that she might get dethroned from her queen of social media title.

The cellulite issue

According to Kim, the cellulite appearances on her bum is merely due to the lighting and camera angles but the difference between the retouched photos and the raw ones are very apparent.

The bulges in her buttocks also show the amount of silicone implanted in it. Aside from her butt lift, haters also noticed her inner thigh fat.

But what is wrong with having cellulite, anyway?

While others hated it, there are people who are just realistic about it because every human on the planet has a cellulite, and so does Kim. With two kids, Kim's body is still impressive and she wasn't afraid to show her flaws even if some of her fans view her as perfect.

Another thing, while many disliked her use of photoshop or whatever filter to make her look good and flawless, many forgot that everyone else is also doing it. If there is one thing that the people should realize with this controversy, it's that Kim Kardashian is just like anyone of us, only that she is famous and rich.