Comedian and actor Kevin Hart has become the latest victim of an extortion attempt. Individuals, who claimed to have proof that Hart had been disloyal to his pregnant wife, recently contacted the actor. Instead of paying off these criminals, Hart immediately took the issue to the police.

The individual claims to have recordings of Hart

According to TMZ, an unnamed individual has tried to extort several million dollars from comedian and actor Kevin Hart. The person in question made contact with Hart and claimed to have recordings of the actor. The nature of these recordings are explicit in nature and claim to show Hart cheating on his wife.

In a report by the Daily Mail, these extortion claims became known in the week of September 18 when Kevin Hart released a public video to his social media. In the video, Kevin Hart explained his current situation and apologized to his family. While the cheating rumors have neither been confirmed nor denied it appears that Hart may have in fact cheated on his pregnant wife with another woman.

According to the Daily Mail, Kevin Hart has announced that he has refused to pay the individuals who are trying to extort money from him. The claims made by the extortionists also include model Montia Sabbag who is accused of having an affair with Hart. Sabbag has claimed that she has no knowledge of the person responsible.

Authorities are keeping the case secret

According to TMZ, the authorities have been investigating this extortion Case thoroughly and believe that they are extremely close to capturing the culprit. It has been confirmed that the phone records of the conversation between Hart and the extortionist have been gathered.

It has been confirmed that the police have also been investigating several hard drives and computers as well.

The information that they have gathered from this section of the investigation is extremely important as it shows who and where the calls were made. This has narrowed their search, and they believe that there was more than one individual involved in this case.

In a report by the Daily Mail, it has been revealed that the authorities have released seven arrest warrants.

No further information has been shared with the public about the nature of the case. However, the authorities have expressed their intent to arrest all of the individuals involved over the next few days.

Fans of Kevin Hart were shocked to hear that he has allegedly cheated on his wife. They are eagerly waiting for further information about the case and are waiting for a further statement from Hart.