The Netflix original movie “1922” stars Thomas Jane as a farmer in the 1920s who decides to murder his wife because she wants to move to the city. While that might sound like a horror version of “Green Acres” (older readers will get the drift), this story is pretty terrifying. Jane has been seen before in King adaptations, including the 2007 version of “The Mist” and in the film version of “Dreamcatcher.”

Netflix original film '1922'

As reported by Coming Soon, in “1922Jane plays Wilfred James, a hardworking man, proud of his farm, while his wife Arlette (played by Molly Parker) has had enough of the rural life and wants to move away with their teenage son, Henry (with Dylan Schmid in the role).

More importantly, she has had enough of Wilfred himself, who takes exception to her wanting to leave and decides to get their son to help him kill his mother.

However, the real horror starts when he realizes he won’t easily get away with his crime by telling police she had left with one suitcase. From then on in, things get really scary, as can be glimpsed in the "1922" trailer below.

Stephen King turns 70 to adaptations galore

Stephen King recently celebrated his 70th birthday, but the renowned author has, even more, to celebrate right now. The new movie adaptation of his novel “It” by Andy Muschietti is doing so well, it’s actually broken box office records for any horror movie made so far – and counting."It" even recently influenced a police department to go viral with a parody of the story.

That movie came in the wake of the much-anticipated, but the generally disappointing film adaptation of his magnum opus book series, “The Dark Tower.” A new television adaptation of King’s story, “The Mist” tended to fizzle, while “Mr. Mercedes” is winning critical acclaim as it slowly but surely builds tension.

While not a direct adaptation, the series “Castle Rock” has already started filming.

That series will feature several of King’s characters and stories in the fictional town of the same name, well known from many of the author’s works, with several big name actors involved, including Sissy Spacek, Andre Holland, Bill Skarsgard ( “It”), Melanie Lynskey and Jane Levy.

On top of this, Netflix has another King adaptation in store for the fall, in the form of the equally terrifying “Gerald’s Game,” a film version of the story of a couple trying to put the spice back into their marriage, starring Bruce Greenwood and Carla Gugino. As recently reported, a trailer of that film is pretty scary too. “Gerald’s Game” starts streaming on Netflix on September 29, while “1922” premieres on October 20, just in time for Halloween.