Love might actually be sweeter the second time around - at least that's what fans of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are hoping for as the ex-couple was recently spotted spending some quality time together at the beach during the Labor Day Weekend. They broke up in March 2017 but it seems that they still have feelings for each other as they continue to spend time with each other. Their romantic day at the beach over the Labor Day weekend is not the first time that they were spotted together after their breakup. According to Entertainment Tonight, they were also seen attending Ed Sheeran's concert together last month.

According to Entertainment Tonight, a source close to Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom has revealed that the two never stopped loving each other and are currently in the process of making things work. The time they have spent apart has made them realize that they actually love each other, making them want to start over and make things right.

Continuous love and support for each other

Orlando Bloom is considered to be Katy Perry's major source of strength, amid all the controversies and issues hurled at her. Just recently, her feud with Taylor Swift has reignited once again, as fans pitted their respective music videos - "Swish Swish" and "Look What You Made Me Do" against each other. Additionally, her hosting stint at the recently held 2017 Video Music Awards also elicited mixed reactions from the viewers, with some commenting on her awkwardness as a host.

However, it looks like Perry has remained unfazed against all the negative things around her and has been focusing on her rebuilding her relationship with Bloom. In a photograph obtained by Celebrity Wotnot, Perry appears to have dyed her hair back to black, leaving no trace of her previous platinum blonde hair style. Fans took her drastic change in hair color as a symbol of Perry ready to charge on with a new chapter of her life.

Planning to keep things private

As Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are in the process of rebuilding their romance, Entertainment Tonight reports that the two are planning to keep things more private unlike their before. Although they are not keen on announcing to the press their current relationship status, it looks like Perry and Bloom don't really mind if they are seen or photographed together. Fans who are hoping to hear wedding bells soon might have to wait for a little bit more, but it's good to see Katy and Orlando spending quality time together once again.