Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting a baby, believed to be the fifth in line for British rule. Kensington Palace officially made this announcement on Monday morning, stating that the Queen and the rest of the family are extremely “delighted” about this news.

According to People, Middleton was expected to attend to several royal engagements soon. But she began experiencing hyperemesis gravidarum, which is a form of morning sickness that usually occurs during pregnancy. She was immediately rushed to London Children’s hospital, wherein they discovered her current biological state.

She has now returned to Kensington Palace, where she is being looked after. The Royal couple already has two kids together – a son, Prince George (4-years-old) and a daughter, Princess Charlotte (2-years-old). According to a report by The Sun, Middleton is apparently 12 weeks pregnant. After making the official announcement, The Kensington Palace representatives stated, “Her Royal Highness will no longer carry out her planned engagement at the Hornsey Road Children’s Center in London.”

Kate Middleton health update

The report further went on to note how the Duchess Of Cambridge experienced a similar morning sickness during her first two pregnancy. With the birth of their third child together, Prince Harry is now sixth in line to the British throne.

According to, Prince Harry was even asked to comment on the matter. He replied by saying that he is “very, very happy for them,” and that he hopes Kate is doing well as he hasn’t seen her in a while. Nonetheless, it’s a happy time for the Royal family of four (soon to be five), as Prince George will also be joining school this week.

Official public appearance soon

Prince will be attended Thomas’s Battersea on Thursday. Both the children will soon either be joined by an adorable brother or sister. Both George and Charlotte have already made their official public appearance already. They were spotted spending quality time with their parents during the 2016 tour of Canada and during Christmas last year in Kate’s hometown, Bucklebury.

The gender of Royal couple’s next child will not make any difference since after Will and Kate got married, the rules have changed drastically. Girls will no longer be replaced in the line of throne just because a boy is born to the Royal family. Additional updates regarding the same will keep emerging online as and when time passes.