Being members of the royal family has its perks and privileges, but there are also corresponding downsides and one of which is their failure to become hands-on parents to their children. Kate Middleton and Prince William are not exempted from this reality.

Recently, the Duke of Cambridge was relieved when his wife Kate Middleton decided to employ an additional nanny to care for their two children. The Duchess of Cambridge hired a “super-nanny” in addition to Maria Borallo who has been with the royal couple since the birth of Prince George. The highly-qualified nanny is, like Borallo, a graduate of Bath’s Norland College according to Inquisitr.

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton hires a 'super-nanny.'

The school is known for training highly-skilled nannies that can help raise kids of celebrities, royalties and the super-rich. The curriculum is geared towards producing well-rounded nannies as well as nannies that can protect their wards from terror attacks and accidents according to the Norland College’s website.

Kate Middleton and her husband have their hands full of royal duties as Queen Elizabeth II has delegated most of her royal obligations to the younger members of the royal family. Because of the royal couple’s preoccupation with stately duties, they can no longer find time to care for their two children – Princess Charlotte and Prince George.

Prince William and Kate Middleton did not want to hire a nanny for Prince George before because they want to be hands-on parents. Besides, they want to start right in giving their children a normal childhood. However, after royal duties were delegated to them, the royal couple can no longer give their children quality time.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can focus on royal duties

Prince George, 3, and Princess Charlotte, 2, are in the stage of toddlerhood. They need extra attention and care. During Pippa Middleton's wedding, Prince George had tantrums that the Duchess has to deal with him. Princess Charlotte is reportedly following her brother’s ways.

With the new “super-nanny” enlisted who is a skilled child caregiver, a trained nutritionist and a linguist, Prince William and Kate Middleton can focus on their royal duties. The royal toddlers are assured of the best child care, healthy foods, protection, and their hobbies will not be limited. Prince George is already attending school. From time to time, he and his sister travel with their parents. Prince William and Kate Middleton are assured that there is somebody taking care of the children in their absence.