Apple has always launched products that have never been seen in the market before. When observed carefully, these innovations are sometimes nothing but a result of inspiration from its competition. Even though the firm itself hasn't confirmed any of the features scheduled to arrive in the upcoming products, many leaks and speculations have given viewers enough idea of what can be expected. Surprisingly enough, the upcoming features in Apple products have appeared before.

Facial recognition system

One of the biggest changes that Apple is going to bring is regarding how users will be able to access their smartphones.

The firm plans on replacing its Touch ID security feature with the facial recognition technology. This way, users will be able to unlock their smartphones by just looking at it. But this is nothing new. Samsung has already explored this software in its products (Galaxy Note 8) before. There are many laptops that are powered by Windows Hello, which include such abilities.

Glass body

According to a report by Tech Radar, Apple is expected to pack its iPhone 8 with a glass body. While this may not have appeared in the previous iPhone devices, it has already made its debut on LG G6 and several samsung galaxy smartphones.

Wireless charging technology

LG became the first company to debut wireless charging technology in its flagship offering, V30.

Even Apple is planning on launching this feature, but they won’t be the first ones. The Cupertino giant is planning on integrating its device with a bezel-less front panel. In other words, the phone will be devoid of a physical home button. This will change the smartphone’s look dramatically. But a similar design has already been seen in many of this year’s flagship handsets like LG V30, Essential Phone PH-1, Mi Mix 2, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8.

AMOLED display technology

The company is expected to choose AMOLED display over LCD this time. It is also one of the main reasons why the handset is speculated to be “very expensive.” But Apple is pretty late at entering the AMOLED playing field. It has already been explored by most smartphone manufacturers like ASUS, Samsung, and LG.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) became mainstream only last year. Despite this, Apple is pretty late at debuting it in their products as several Sony and Google products have already carried the innovation forward. In fact, Google only yesterday gave a glimpse of its AR Core kit.