The latest updates and spoilers for the "Justice League" live-action film will feature Warner Bros.Pictures launching the final trailer during the premiere week of "Blade Runner 2049." An unnamed Reddit user revealed new scene details of Superman and Green Lantern's costume in the film.

Final trailer launch date

Warner Bros. Pictures showcased the final trailer of "Justice League" during the National Association of Theater Owners Fall Summit and the studio might drop the trailer next month.

According to Batman-News, Warner Bros. will likely launch the film's final trailer on Oct.

5, which happens to be the premiere night of the studio's upcoming film, "Blade Runner 2049." While there is no confirmation yet from them, it does make a great deal of sense since they have a habit of cross-promoting their projects.

Both "Justice League" and the "Blade Runner" sequel had a major presence during WB's panel at the San Diego Comic-Con 2017 event.

As for the final trailer, fans are expecting more about Steppenwolf and his forces, the origins of the Mother Boxes, more epic battle scenes, and Superman's return in the DC Extended Universe.

New leaked details

It seems that new details for Superman's return and Green Lantern's debut in "Justice League" have been leaked online. Someone on Reddit who claims to work at the film's VFX department has seen the footage of the Man of Steel and Lantern's costume design in the DCEU.

According to the Reddit user, Kal-El flies down in front of the Kent farm and punches something big. The object is unknown and it is using green boxes with motion capture markers. Fans assumed that this could be a Paradaemon looking for him as Steppenwolf figured out the secret identities of the League, while others think that they need to steal something important from his home.

The leaker also revealed that the footage did not feature Superman's black Kryptonian suit or his bearded look, and instead dons his classic red and blue suit to join the rest of his teammates.

As for Green Lantern, the leaker posted a sketch drawing of his suit and it will be made up of solid armor platings with a green aura, unlike the skin suit from the 2011 film.

It has been speculated that two members of the Green Lantern Corp. will appear in the movie and fans assumed that they are John Stewart and Hal Jordan.

The movie will feature Batman and Wonder Woman recruiting metahumans to fight the threat of Steppenwolf and forces of Apokolips from finding the three Mother Boxes and take over the world.