Jon and Kate Gosselin are arguing over the kids once again and this time Jon is ready to try and get Custody of them. The thing is he can't afford it so now he is reaching out to the fans and asking them to help him pay for it. Jon is going to need $30,000 if he wants to take her to court. The Hollywood Gossip shared the details about what is going on.

Jon Gosselin is broke

Ever since Jon Gosselin left reality television he has been working odd jobs and of course, working as a DJ. He hasn't been making big bucks, so it isn't enough money to pay for a lawyer to fight with Kate for custody.

Colleen Conrad has been dating Jon Gosselin for a bit now. She actually set up a GoFund Me account to try and raise money for Jon. She is hoping to get fans to pay the $30,000 he needs to fight Kate for custody.

She explains that Jon spends his days and weekends working and just wants to spend quality time with his kids. She says that they have been battling for eight years and that she “pits him against financial forces that far exceed his own.” She also went on to say that Jon works a regular job and also works as a DJ on the weekends, but it just isn't enough.

He is hoping to get custody from Kate

Recently Kate and Jon had a very public fight where the police were called over who was going to take one of the girls home from the dentist.

Now Jon is hoping that he can get custody. This is going to be a huge fight, though. The page explains it saying, "It is a fight he did not seek. It is a fight he does not want. He remains focused on the welfare of his children." Jon has always made it clear that he wants what is best for them.

The page says that any money Jon Gosselin raises is going to go toward his legal battle with Kate for custody.

After that, any money raised will be donated to the Bethany Children’s Home in Pennsylvania. Jon has already raised almost $2,000 so it does look like there is a pretty good chance he will end up getting the money to fight Kate. So far, there is no word on if he wants to try for custody for all of the kids or just some of them.

The older girls haven't had much to do with Jon in years. Right now, Kate has custody of all of the kids.

Are you shocked to hear that Jon Gosselin is asking fans for money to help him? Who do you feel like should have custody? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss "Kate Plus 8" on TLC. If Jon gets custody of the kids, that might make it where this show gets canceled for good. There is no show without the children.