Leah Messer is trying to move on from her past and one can imagine that she's proud of the person she's become. Over the past year, she's been trying to turn her life around. During her second marriage, Leah revealed she suffered from anxiety and depression and she was clearly not herself. She would pass out while filming "Teen Mom 2" and fans questioned whether she was doing drugs despite taking care of her young daughter, Adalynn. However, Leah revealed she had a reaction to the drugs she was taking to treat her anxiety, which caused her to pass out.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer revealed that she's doing great and she was beaming when she showed up at the VMAs recently. Messer revealed that she's single and she's focusing on herself. When she showed up on the red carpet with beautiful hair and a stunning dress, some fans revealed that she looked so beautiful that her ex-Husbands must be thinking they let something amazing go.

A new look

"Corey and Jeremy are probably kickin themselves lookin at this pic. You look amazing," one fan wrote to Leah Messer on her Instagram post, where she showed off her look for the night on the red carpet. She was clearly excited about the VMAs and getting to dress up one night of the year.

Of course, Leah's main priority is her family.

She's raising her three daughters on her own, as Corey Simms is remarried and Jeremy Calvert is dating. While the ex-husbands do play a role in their daughters' lives, Leah is the one who is responsible for them when they are with her.

Positive future

Leah Messer has been preaching about a positive lifestyle ever since she got treated for depression and anxiety.

She went away for treatment and rehab for her mental issues, and it sounds like she's doing very well. One can imagine she's not exactly ready to date and on "Teen Mom 2," Leah's main concern is her daughter Ali. She is focusing on her health, as she's the only star on "Teen Mom" who has a girl with special needs. One can imagine that she is using her positive attitude to hold her head high, as she's learning things about her daughter's disability.

Fans saw how she's coping with the news that her daughter couldn't breathe on a recent episode of the show, and how she's co-parenting with Corey as they learned the news.

What do you think about Leah Messer's stunning look on the red carpet? Do you think her positive attitude today has her ex-husbands questioning their decision to move on?