Summaries for episodes 107, 108, and 109 of “Dragon Ball Super” have recently leaked online. The upcoming episodes will air on September 17 following a hiatus to give way to a TV special about Japanese history and culture. With just 32 minutes left before the Tournament of Power finally ends, the summaries reveal exciting plot twists and intense battles from the remaining universes in the tournament. These latest summaries were leaked by an unnamed source at 2Chan.

Episode 107

Toei Animation over the weekend provided the preview for episode 107 of “Dragon Ball Super.” The episode is titled “Revenge F!

A Cunning Trap is Laid?!” and will air on September 17. According to the leaked summary, the Kaioshin Fuwa instructs Frost to eliminate a warrior from Universe 7.

Frost quickly agrees to the order on several conditions. This includes having his crime absolved if Universe 6 wins in the Tournament of Power. In addition, the Freeza look-a-like also demands financial assistance so he can have his business back. As a man on a mission, Frost starts executing his plan starting with Muten Roshi.

There are several speculations among fans about this particular episode. Some believe that Frost will cheat to kill Master Roshi, triggering Goku’s anger that will lead him to reveal his new form. Aside from this, there are several others who believe that because the Turtle Hermit uses the Evil Containment Wave again, it will drain his strength and cost him his life.

Based on the episode title, it is possible that Frost, given his cunning nature, will cheat to win in the tournament. Will he get caught? What will Goku and his friends do since the trap is set for them? Will they discover the trap before falling victims to it?

Freeza and Frost

Meanwhile, episode 108 of the popular anime series is scheduled to air on September 24.

It is titled “Freeza and Frost! Intersecting Evil?!” According to the leaked summary, in this episode, Universe 7 will sense that Freeza has betrayed them. Fans will also see Gohan fight against Jemez, and the resurrected villain will watch from afar with an evil grin on his face. The title of the episode could be easily interpreted as Frost and Freeza working together.

Jiren’s show

On October 1, fans will finally see the Jiren show on episode 109. It is titled “The Strongest Enemy Bears Down on Goku! Now’s the Time to Fire! A Surefire Genki-Dama!!” As revealed by the leaked summary, this episode will highlight Goku and Ribrianne’s fight. The stout warrior of love from Universe 2 wants to win the Tournament of Power so she can be the goddess loved throughout the entire multiverse. With this in mind, she attacks Goku at full power.

Fans will also see the continuation of Gohan’s tough fight against Jemez in this episode. The highlight of the show will be Jiren who is one of the strongest fighters in the tournament. The member of the Pride Troopers who has been conserving his power throughout the entire tournament will finally reveal his power.

It is revealed in the leaked summary that he will appear before Goku and Ribrianne and overwhelm them with his unbelievable Ki.

The most-awaited fight in the Tournament of Power between Goku and Jiren will happen in episode 109 of "Dragon Ball Super."